Batch Tracking and Traceability

What is Batch Tracking?

Fulfilment batch tracking, also known as lot tracking, involves grouping and monitoring a set of orders or products that are processed and shipped together as a single batch. This tracking method allows businesses to keep a close eye on the progress of multiple orders simultaneously, from the moment they are prepared for shipment until they reach the end consumer.

Batch tracking in also an important tool in inventory management of the following strategies:

  • Last In, First Out (LIFO) 
  • First Expiring, First Out (FEFO) 
  • First In, First Out (FIFO) 

The benefits of fulfilment batch tracking:

Batch tracking streamlines order processing, as multiple orders are handled together. This reduces the time and effort required for individual order management.

Efficient order processing and accurate tracking result in improved customer satisfaction due to timely and error-free deliveries.

Managing orders in batches saves time compared to dealing with each order separately. It minimizes repetitive tasks and optimizes workflows.

By processing multiple orders at once, the likelihood of errors is lowered since the same processes and procedures are applied consistently across all orders in the batch.

Communication among team members becomes more streamlined as they work together processing of entire batches rather than individual orders.

Businesses can monitor inventory levels of products being processed and shipped. Helping prevent product shortages and overstock situations.